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Merging the Digital and Real Worlds

sbExperiential is the industry leader at merging digital with the real world. Creating an awesome activation with VR will create a great experience with consumers but do you want them leaving feeling like they were wowed?


With SBX's electrical engineering background, we merge the digital and physical worlds but creating a hands-on experience.


Whether that is allowing guests to sit on a lawn mower and physically steer the lawnmower but have all those movements tracked in the VR game or holding a faux firearm that is stripped with sensors in a government law enforcement training application. 

Cub Cadet.png

Cub Cadet

SBX and Brightline Interactive teamed up on this project to create an awesome experience for prospective customers. Brightline Interactive developed the VR that allowed customers to put on the headset and feel like they were cutting grass in a virtual yard. SBX took the Cub Cadet mower and stripped out the chassis adding a rumble pack and a variety of sensors so instead of using your standard VR controllers, customers were able to sit on the lawnmower and actually turn the steering wheel to control the game. 

This took an already great VR game to the next level by merging the virtual and real worlds. 


Momentum asked SBX to create a video style hockey game that interacted with what was going on inside the mini ice-rink. SBX created the coaches style video game where two players were pitted against eachother and were asked to make certain coaching decisions (sub a player, shoot, etc.) and based on that response, the game would deem a winner and score points. The coaches teammates were stationed inside a mini-rink where each player had one side of the ice and based on their teammates responses, the boards would light up in various order and for various amounts of time. 

SBX not only created the digital video game but we also fabricated the boards, built all the sensors and lined all the electrical work that went into the game. 

Face-Off Fury.jpg
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