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PNC Bank - Piggy Bank


Create an interactive larger than life piggy bank that will attract crowds to an activation space and encourage hashtag usage.

sbExperiential solution:

sbExperiential fabricated an 8ft tall replica Piggy Bank with a coin slot that was permanently mounted to a custom trailer. SBX developed a custom application and mounted all of the hardware to the inside of the pig to allow the brains to track hashtag usage and shoot coins threw the penny slot to fans that were gathering around the pig.


As fans utilized one of the selected hashtags, the pig nose started to get brighter and brighter signifying it was getting closer to erupting. At a certain predetermined number of social interactions (or by pressing a button via the client facing app) the piggy bank came alive with sounds and used co2 cannisters to shoot 10 coins out of the coin slot for guests to win.


IMG Live & Brightline Interactive

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