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Press Release

Social Booth is proud to announce a total rebrand with a new name, logos, and website. sbExperiential, LLC (SBX) will serve as the new identity of the 7-year-old company as it continues to expand its reach into the event marketing industry with added in-house capabilities,   technologies, and award-winning production.

Launching in 2011, Social Booth was founded on taking the simple event photo experience and pushing the limits with its groundbreaking onsite social sharing and analytics platform Social Center. With the success of its technologies, SB's highly technical onsite staff and completely white-label branding made the company a favorite for large brands and agencies when creating new experiences for their major events.

In the years since its conception, SB has grown well past its media capture roots with new products and technologies making its name not fully encompassing of the work it was doing. "We meet with new clients and after seeing all our capabilities they were all saying the had no idea we did all that," says Social Booth founder and Managing Partner Blair Stopnik. "We've grown a lot in our short time and knew it was time that we had a name that matched what we were already doing for our clients. Products such as our RFID and event ticketing/auction platforms and capabilities such as custom electronics fabrication, 3d printing, and CNC production are all things we do every day. The fact that we manufacture nearly our entire Social Booth product line, including fabrication and software, inhouse give us a huge advantage and sets us far apart from our competitors." 

While the change in name and branding is big, the Social Booth name will not be lost in the shuffle. The entire line of media capture products will remain under the Social Booth brand. Other products such as SB Auction and SB RFID will be moved to fit more appropriately under the new SBX branding. "The change allows us to better focus Social Booth to continue to provide outstanding interactive products that are ready to deploy and are cost-effective while pushing the boundaries of event marketing with custom experiences from SBX," stated Stopnik. 


Visit for more information on all our products. 

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