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Visible - Phonetopia


Create an RFID platform that will run everything throughout a three week immersive pop-up in Denver, Colorado that makes guests feel like they are stepping inside their phones. Along with the RFID platform build-out that handled registration, photo retrieval, drink consumption, prizing giveaway and scores from the arcade, SBX was also tasked to build out the five different photo opportunities, multiple arcade games and various other interactive elements.

sbExperiential solution:

sbExperiential created an RFID platform that would be utilized by all attendees throughout the three weeks pop-up and would handle all media delivery, drink ordering, arcade scoring and premium distribution.

  • Created two custom arcade games (Text Text Revolution and Message Reading Laser Shooting)

  • Installed five different photo/GIF/video opportunities

  • Created digital currency that guests could use to redeem for drinks and premiums

  • Created a backend system for bartenders and staff to scan cards and check if the guest had any currency left for drinks or premiums​

  • Enabled RFID scoring on existing claw and skee ball machines

  • Created a custom leaderboard for the arcade


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